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World Record Bench Press: FREAK-Strength Lifts 11,432.5 Pounds

Mike Carroll, Australian powerlifting champion, set a world record on January 23, 2018 with the most weight lifted in the bench press event by pushing more than 8,994 pounds in 2 minutes.  On Friday, August 17th, FREAK-Strength shattered Carroll’s world record by benching 11,432.5 pounds in 2 minutes.  That’s 2,438.5 pounds more than any human has bench pressed in recorded history in that amount of time.  Buffalo News Journal

Russian World Record Powerlifting Champion Goes Up Against FREAK-Strength and Other European Record Holders

FREAK-Strength competes against Olympic Cyclist Robert Forstemann (Maximum Squat 606.271 pounds), Powerlifting World Record holder Andrej Mostovenco (Maximum Squat 661.387 pounds), Strongman Tenzel Schmidt (Maximum Squat 507.063 pounds), Berlin Meister in Powerlifting Thomas Famer (Maximum Squat 518.086 pounds) and European champion in Powerlifting Victor Beilmann (Maximum Squat 507.063 pounds) The event requires each competitor to squat their own bodyweight as many times as possible within a 5 minute timeframe.  The minimum weight is 187 pounds and must be cleaned and pressed to the neck of each athlete.  The set has to be unbroken. FREAK-Strength has a body weight of 181 pounds and has chosen to compete at the 225 pound level.  How does FREAK-Strength (Maximum Squat Unknown) stack up?

FREAK-Strength Bench Press 125% of His Body Weight 28 Times

The FREAK-Strength Program forces you to lift more than your bodyweight for extended periods of time building FREAKISH strength and endurance.

The bench press is a core fundamental exercise for developing upper body strength. You’re not only working your pectorals (chest), you are also working your anterior deltoids (front shoulders), triceps brachii, and latissimus dorsi (back).

In the video above, FREAK-Strength lifts 225 pounds 28 times and his body weight is 180 pounds.

FREAK-Strength Squats 495 Pounds 5 Times with a Body Weight of 180 Pounds

Squats are arguably the most important exercise when it comes to strength and endurance.  It is widely considered to be the exercise that helps your body build overall strength.

Squats target several different muscles which include the Quadriceps, Glutes, Adductors, Calves, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors and Abs.

FREAK-Strength Squats 495 Pounds 5 times in the video above.  His body weight is 180 pounds.  FREAK-Strength’s maximum rep is currently unknown.

FREAK-Strength Deadlifts 495 Pounds 5 Times with a Body Weight of 180 Pounds

FREAK-Strength Deadlift Program allows you to strengthen and create endurance for overall body strength –  one of the most basic and important exercises you can do to target the Gluteus Maximus (Butt), Quadriceps (Upper Front legs), Adductor Magnus: (Inner Thigh), Hamstrings (Upper back of legs), Erector Spinae (lower back), and the Trapezius (upper neck muscles).


The FREAK-Strength training program was developed after an unknown competitor began lifting to gain strength in the gym.  After trying several proven methodologies he quickly developed a program that turned into the benchmark strength building program for athletes, olympians, and military personel nationwide.


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I started the FREAK-Strength program after averaging just 3.5 sacks at Ohio State.  The program gave me what I needed to compete at a professional level.  I would recommend it to any college athlete looking to gain strength and speed.  – Sam Hubbard, Defensive End, Ohio State

I knew I had to increase my physical strength as a lineman at Notre Dame going up against guys that were physically more gifted.  The FREAK-strength program helped me gain the strength needed to compete professionally.  -Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

“The FREAK-strength program has allowed me to strengthen my legs which has contributed to my ability to get past defenders that used to be able to stop me in my tracks.” – Dorance Armstrong, Defensive End, Kansas

“People respected my hitting ability for my batting average.  With the FREAK-Strength program I have already begun to see my strength increase.  At 3rd base, playing professionally, I know the added strength will mean the difference when it comes time to renew my contract.”  – Alec Bohm, Wichita State University, 3rd Base

“I am small for a pitcher.  To make it in the big leagues the added strength that I have gained from the FREAK-Strength program will hopefully help me come draft day.  It’s helped my fastball which has increased by 6mph since I started.”  – J.T. Ginn, Pitcher, Brandon (Miss.) High School


How Strong is FREAK-Strength?  Here is what we know.  We know he weighs 180 pounds and he can do the following:

FREAK-Strength can bench press 495 pounds 5 times.

FREAK-Strength can military press 315 pounds 7 times.

FREAK-Strength can squat 495 pounds 5 times.

FREAK-Strength can deadlift 405 pounds 40 times.

Each of these exercises is critical to building overall body strength and endurance.  FREAK-Strength excels at the most important exercises any athlete in any sport needs to become faster, more explosive, and powerful.


The FREAK-Strength exercise program allows you to gain explosive strength by overloading the muscles you are training with 200% to 300% more weight than your body is used to lifting. This overloading of your muscles capability trains your mind into believing it is possible to lift a FREAKISH amount of weight.

The days of gradually building a foundation happen quickly and easily using the FREAK-Strength method. Building on that foundation happens quickly if you are willing to stick to the program and execute with perfection on the fundamentals.

Seeing gains gradually at first and more significantly over time allow FREAK-Strength practitioners to develop in a way that outpaces competitors to give you an advantage when it comes to building strength.


The FREAK-Strength Program emphasises overload with three key exercises.  Bench press, deadlift and squats engage and add explosive strength to all of the muscles above.  We focus on the method adding untraditional rest periods in-between sets, and gradually extend workouts until your human capacity becomes FREAKISH.

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