Beginner Level

The Beginner Level is for those of you who want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or get into shape.  We will assume you are completely out of shape or that you are in shape but want to begin this program from the beginning and do it the way it was designed to be done.  We recommend starting at the Beginner Level and seeing the program all the way through even if you are in shape or have experience with strength and endurance programs.  This will better prepare you for more advanced lessons and insure that you have the foundation required to get results that are super human.  The instructor or instructors have modeled this program off of a persons routine who struggled to do 10 push ups when he began and now as you can see on the homepage video he benches well more than 500 pounds – 495 pounds with reps. to be exact.

Intermediate Level

The Intermediate Level consists of some of the same exercises you see during the beginner stage.  We have added some exercises, changed the order to insure muscle growth and increase strength.  You will see an increase in muscle growth and strength and a loss of body fat during this phase.

Advanced Level

The Advanced Level is for professionals or people who have a strong foundation and looking to acquire explosive growth or super human endurance or both.  The Advanced Level uses a combination of training techniques along with additional equipment to make your experience more strenuous.  It expects you to push yourself further than you have ever done so before.

FREAK-Strength Level

The FREAK-Strength Level can only be done by those of you who have built a strong mental, physical, spiritual and have had a dedicated routine for some time.  Having the internal drive and fortitude to push past your perceived boundaries are more a function of the mind and body working in unison to overcome previously percieved barriers allowing you to shatter previously perceived physical limitations.  This course allows you to build at your own pace and the FREAK-Strength Level allows you to shatter and destroy limitations that even professional athletes find challenging.

The FREAK-Strength Level takes you from a person who has reached their potential and is fighting every day to gain that extra edge to a person that creates a perception mentally far beyond the normal scope of what they believe is possible and they are able to then fulfill that vision with a few minor but significant adjustments practiced over time until one day they experience a quantum leap ahead in their strength, speed, agility, and endurance.  This was developed by studying athletes, Olympians, and people in other fields of life that shattered the norm of what everyone believed was possible.  This 15 year study allows us, FREAK-Strength, to bring you something you have never seen before.