RULE #1 – Whereever your mind goes your body will follow.

For beginner’s and experienced practitioners this rule or guideline is the most important and least effectively followed rule in my experience.  Beginners.  Getting through the beginning phases will be one of the most difficult and challenging stages of the entire program.

You are building your foundation both mentally and physically.  We focus on three main exercises with little to no weight.  The idea is to allow yourself the capacity to see what your chest, legs and back are really capable of.  The idea here is volume.  You have to establish with your mind first that you are going to challenge boundaries.

For chest, we are going to do as many push ups as you feel comfortable doing.  And we will see what your mind tells you.  If you are like most people it will generate reasons as to why you should stop.

Reasons include:

-This is boring.

-This is not challenging enough.

-This is to challenging.

-I don’t have enough time.

-I have too much time.  I can do this later.

-Will this really work?


Goals are just a fixed number that tells your body and mind when it gets to quit.  Not setting goals runs completely counterintuitive to what we are taught.  We are taught to quantify.  Create an end point.  I did this for the majority of my athletic career.  When I finally stopped because I was out of shape and I was embarrassed by how low of a goal I had to set in order to reach it.  I gave up the idea and just did what I could.  Everyday.

As the days went on I knew I was doing more but my mind didn’t know how much more.  It immediately wanted a number and kept yelling me to quit but I would just push a little further.  Everyday.

I noticed the exercises I was doing for the most part would get easier and easier everyday.  After a few weeks, I noticed the exercises became easy and boring.